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Testimonials: Client Testimonials

By educating me on the misconceptions of many nutritional rules that so many athletes perceive as science, Tricia at LEAN Consulting was able to drop my body fat to its lowest percent ever, (6%). While dropping weight from a Heavyweight to a Welterweight, I was still able to maintain optimal strength and performance while becoming a better fighter.

Bryan Travers

Growing up as a fat kid makes it hard to fit in amongst society in general. Clothing stores exclude you, people mock you, chairs and desks aren’t made to fit your frame. On top of everything else, people speak to you as though you are just too stupid to know what to do to not be fat. Exercise! With no thought to the pain that causes a bigger person. Eat less, but of what?

Tricia is an expert at helping figure out low impact ways to burn fat, while boosting your metabolism, and still giving you plenty of food that you can eat without feeling deprived. Invest in yourself with L.E.A.N Consulting, and finally have the life you deserve to live - I did.

Kristen Kinzel

I had an aortic valve replacement in June 2005, and started training with Tricia in November. I wanted to get strength back & bring up my HDL level, but felt I needed guidance. I still go to Tricia because of my success, her motivation, and her attitude about keeping fit.

Tom Hoffman

I lost both legs during an accident and started training with Tricia in July 2001. She purchased equipment I could start with and now I have enough strength and flexibility to use other equipment as well. She urges me along to use heavier weights & try new equipment when she sees I am ready. Tricia arranged to have a hand cycle bike made, and trains with me on the week-ends, so I can ride yearly in the 335 mile Adaptive Peak to Peak Charity Ride from Mammoth to Big Bear Lake.

Frank Elliot

After a lifetime of struggling with my weight, Tricia taught me that weight loss is not about diets and sacrificing good food, it is about making life style changes and replacing bad habits with healthy choices. And the shocker is, HEALTHY FOOD DOES NOT HAVE TO TASTE BAD. There are literally hundreds of choices out there that are much better for you and more fulfilling than to dozens of choices on the drive through menu.

After 2 years and over 140 lbs lost, not only have I kept the weight off, but I have continued to lose. Tricia laid out the path for a much healthier, happier life, if I continue to follow it, I will continue to succeed.

John Orton

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